What Makes A Great Quilting Fabric

Choosing the best quilting fabric has, in my opinion, two steps:

The first is to find 100% cotton fabric you love. When you come to my shop you’ll see a full range of designs and themed choices. Look around, see what you love, what makes you laugh, or makes you remember a certain time. Consider who you’re making the quilt for and what they like. If the quilt has a particular theme, such as a holiday, new baby, or commemoration of special days, you’ll find fabrics for every occasion. Get a feeling from the fabric, a memory, a laugh, something special.  You’ll be working with the fabrics you pick for a good chunk of time, make sure you enjoy them.  Once the quilt is done it will be part of your visual story. A tangible personal history that will be cherished for years.


Now to the fabric.  All of the fabrics in my shop are ‘quilting quality’.

This means they are all 100% cotton and made to be comfortable to wrap yourself in, be it a quilt, clothing, pillows, bags, most anything you like. It is designed and made by top-quality manufacturers. You’ll never have to worry about shrinkage nor color bleeding.  One hundred percent cotton is the preferred material for quilts. When you look at vintage quilts, made from work clothes which are no longer wearable, picked apart and made into stunning quilts, you see the beauty and durability of cotton. Gees Bend quilts are great examples of these utilitarian-style quilts.

My fabrics give you a wide range of colors and designs.  You may decide to make a themed Star Wars quilt. You may want to make a floral quilt, look no further. Maybe you’re of a mind to make a ‘crazy quilt’ made in any shape pieces and with a unique combination of fabrics, NinaMade’s curated collection is the place. I pick a diverse array of fabrics for the shop. Take some time to look around. You’ll find what you love, and what you need for your first, or next, quilt project.